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A group exhibition with Frank Ssuuna, Christine Nyatho, Kato BC, Martin Jjunju, Carson Buka, Nabir Yo, Florence Nanteza

27 Feb - 27 March, 2023

​Plot 12 Birch Avenue, Masaka

Christine Nyatho, Carson Buka, Florence Nanteza, Frank Ssuuna, Nabir Yo, Martin Jjunju and Kato BC come to you with new energies and visions. Their sole mission is to bring the best out of themselves by expressing their emotions, interpretations of life, and their abilities as Ugandan artists. The philosophies and stories embedded in their art practice are representative of who they are and their beliefs. Their commitment to change how contemporary art is perceived locally and tell unique Ugandan stories through their work is an embodiment of what Amasaka Gallery selected to present to you as a group show entitled ALLEGIANCE TO THEE.

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