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Kato BC

Born 1997. Masaka, Uganda

Kato Bukenya Charles was born and raised in Masaka. He started doing art in 2017 while working with different established artists at Camp Ndegeya, an artists’ retreat center in Masaka. Kato’s work tells stories of chaos, states of uncertainty, the insidious permanence of pain and trauma. His work is deeply influenced by his childhood. Growing up with his blind twin sister affected how he perceives light shape and form, his work almost feels like an attempt to carve images out of dark formlessness, he molds amorphous shapes. Kato’s work explores deeply internalized trauma and his work is for him an out let for expression while for the person experiencing the work his style is a portal into his psyche which grapples with very complex and deep emotion. Kato plays with material, he creates his art with found objects, paper, fabric collages which he finishes with acrylic paint on canvas.

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