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Kato BC

Born 1997. Masaka, Uganda

Kato Bukenya Charles’ artistic journey is a profound exploration of chaos, uncertainty, and the enduring presence of pain and trauma. Influenced by his upbringing, particularly his close bond with his blind twin sister, Kato’s work transcends conventional boundaries, delving into the depths of human emotion and experience. Kato’s artistic vision is deeply rooted in the shadows of his childhood, where the experience of his twin sister’s blindness played a significant role in shaping his perception of the world. This unique perspective heightened his sensitivity to light, shape, and form, influencing the essence of his creative expressions. His creations embody a relentless pursuit to extract meaning from darkness, molding amorphous shapes into tangible expressions of profound emotion. Each piece serves as a window into Kato's psyche, inviting viewers to traverse the intricate landscape of his internalized trauma. Kato employs a diverse array of mediums, including found objects, paper, and fabric collages, which he skillfully integrates with acrylic paint on canvas. His distinctive style not only serves as a form of personal expression but also functions as a conduit for profound human connection, offering viewers a glimpse into the complexity of his emotions. Through his evocative artwork, Kato invites us to confront our internal landscapes, urging us to navigate the intricate interplay of light and darkness that defines the human experience.

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