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Christine Nyatho

Born 1993. Kampala, Uganda

Christine Nyatho is a multimedia artist whose practice is reviving indigenous art-making practices by utilizing an abundance of locally found organic materials, with bark cloth as her central focus. She uses bark cloth, discarded paper, fabric, raffia, and acrylic on linen.

Drawing inspiration from celestial bodies especially the moon and the profound influence it wields over human behavior, as well as from the pivotal role of women as nurturers, Nyatho's body of work titled "Kafunda Mama" delves deep into the often-overlooked narratives of women in modest African communities. Through poignant imagery, Nyatho sheds light on the unheralded heroism of women who tirelessly serve their communities without receiving due recognition. From selling alcohol in makeshift shacks to vending snacks along dusty roadsides, her work celebrates the resilience and communal spirit that bind these women together across diverse cultural landscapes.

Nyatho's upbringing by a single mother provided her with firsthand insight into the struggles and triumphs of working mothers, infusing her art with authenticity and empathy. "Kafunda Mama" serves as a reflection of her journey, as well as a testament to the collective experiences of women in African society.

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