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Born 1995. Masaka, Uganda

Florence Nanteza’s roots in creativity run deep within her family heritage. Drawing inspiration from her father's passion for art, Nanteza embarked on her artistic journey at an early age, cultivating her unique talent and skill set. Her distinctive banana fiber collages swiftly garnered acclaim from both local expatriates and art enthusiasts throughout the Masaka region. The acclaim she received provided her with freedom and encouragement to push the boundaries of her artistic expression, delving into new realms of creativity with unwavering confidence. Beyond her artistic endeavors, Nanteza is deeply passionate about the profound impact of plants on holistic health and wellness. Drawing from her experiences working alongside a local traditional medicine clinic in Masaka, she has acquired invaluable insights into the therapeutic properties of herbal medicine. This symbiotic relationship between art and nature is beautifully reflected in Nanteza's work, where she seamlessly weaves together her childhood memories and dreams with a profound reverence for the healing potential of herbs and plants. Nanteza's art serves as a testament to her unwavering commitment to both artistic excellence and the promotion of holistic well-being, offering viewers a mesmerizing glimpse into the intersection of creativity, nature, and the human spirit.

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