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Born 1995. Masaka, Uganda

Florence Nanteza was born in 1995 in Masaka, Uganda where she currently lives and works. Growing up in a creative family, she was inspired by her father's love of art and honed her own skills. Her unique banana fiber collages quickly gained recognition among local expatriates and art lovers in the Masaka area. In 2020, she joined "Ndege Ya Akili", a creative incubator in Masaka that supports young Ugandan artists, which provided her with the platform, freedom, and confidence to further explore her artistic abilities. Nanteza is deeply committed to the role of plants in promoting positive health and wellbeing. She has worked with a local traditional medicine clinic in Masaka, where she gained valuable experience and knowledge in the field of herbal medicine. This influence can be seen in her art, which blends childhood memories and dreams with a focus on the healing properties of herbs and plants.

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