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Born 2002. Mpigi, Uganda

Nabir Yo's artistic practice spans various mediums, including performance, fashion, and painting, culminating in the creation of large-scale wall hangings and installation pieces. She draws inspiration from her childhood spent watching her grandmother knit and embroider. At the heart of her creative vision lies an inseparable fusion of art and fashion, signaling a departure from traditional Western painting styles. She joins several African artists who are deviating from formerly prevalent Western styles. She embraces locally available resources to craft her distinctive aesthetic.

Central to Nabir Yo's artistic expression is her adept use of materiality, employing techniques such as collage and quilting to imbue her works with depth and texture. Minimal brushstrokes are strategically applied to accentuate the figures within her compositions, enhancing their emotive impact. She is driven to challenge the prevailing sexist and ageist narratives surrounding young female Ugandan artists within the male-dominated and often tumultuous creative landscape.

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