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Carson Buka

Born 1989. Masaka, Uganda

Carson Buka is a mixed-media artist who seamlessly navigates various mediums, including painting, sculpting, and installations. His artwork captivates viewers with a distinctive and evocative presence, stimulating their imagination and engaging them on both visual and intellectual levels while exploring human emotions, expression, and experiences. Buka demonstrates a penchant for experimentation in his work, constantly pushing boundaries and exploring new possibilities. His keen eye for texture and pattern adds depth to his work, making it visually engaging and thought-provoking.

Each piece invites the viewer into a realm where creativity knows no bounds. One of the central themes in Buka's art is the exploration of human relationships, both platonic and romantic. By delving into these universal experiences, he adds a poignant dimension to his work that resonates with audiences profoundly. Buka seeks to evoke emotions and provoke contemplation about the complexities of human connections. His artistic journey was significantly influenced by his involvement with the Weaver Bird (Ndegeya) Foundation. Through active participation in community art projects and workshops organized by the foundation, Buka honed his skills and expanded his creative horizons. These experiences served as catalysts for his evolution into the versatile mixed-media artist he is today.

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