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Portrait Ethel Aanyu

born 1994. Kampala, Uganda

Ethel Aanyu is a Ugandan photographer based in Kampala, where she actively pursues her artistic endeavors. Her journey in the field commenced under the tutelage of Andrew Tshabangu, where she served as an apprentice in his esteemed studio, leading to her participation in the Kampala Art Biennale of 2020.

Aanyu's artistic vision finds expression through the intricate application of digital layering techniques, particularly evident in her manipulation of positive and negative black-and-white images. Frequently serving as both the creator and subject, she orchestrates meticulously staged scenes that serve as visual meditations, offering glimpses into internal dialogues and reflections. These compositions often traverse the spectrum of emotions, ranging from intense confrontations to tender exchanges.

Within the tapestry of tension, ambiguity, and hybridity woven into her imagery, Aanyu skillfully dissects the complexities of human emotion. Through her work, she navigates the nuances of the human experience, presenting poignant and dignified portrayals that engage with profound inquiries surrounding existence and identity.

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