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Born 1995. Masaka, Uganda

We are in an era where we aren't hiding our traumas anymore and I try to create a body work which relates to my surroundings and an opener to matters we usually consider as simple to some rather very difficult to others. My series of works dont differ by the way it is often  explained by others without them knowing my story behind. Like any kind of art my work offers options in the way they decide it is to touch and make them feel which I consider to be the best contemporary art of modern days.


My choice of images is more about the body languages that our bodies speak reacting to nature. 


Personally, collage gives me ample time to bond more with my works. Observation is a very important stage as I create I spot out and analyze my subjects of interest then later reflect about them as I write, sketch and visualizing myself in the picture to understand every aspect of the story behind my artwork in every angle.

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