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The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, 2024, Paper, metal leaves, pen and acrylics on canvas, 128 x 108 cm. Courtesy of the Artist.

Ateker, ijasi biyayi? - Greetings from the road (A dedication)

A solo exhibition by Pamela Enyonu

Opening Saturday, March 23, 2024, 2pm

Exhibition dates: March 24 - April 21, 2024

Plot 12, Birch Avenue, Masaka

The exhibition Ateker, ijasi biyayi? - Greetings from the road (A dedication) marks a homecoming for Pamela Enyonu, showcasing her artistic practice to a Ugandan audience in her first solo exhibition in the country. Drawing from the artist’s archive the exhibition includes older pieces with a completely new body of work that sets out to explore Ugandan history and self-understanding narrated through Enyonu’s particular gaze and against the backdrop of her diverse background in a country whose borders were drawn in someone else’s sketchbook and whose cohesion is a constant matter of negotiation. Based on readings as diverse as Okot p'Bitek's "Songs of Lawino" through Maya Angelou, Chinua Achebe and Frantz Fanon (to only name a few) the artist’s works, rich in textures and layers, drift through the floating anchors of Ugandan identity, from its social interactions to its foundational myths. Unfolding in a multidirectional, overflowing text of female writing, this exhibition is the opening act to Enyonu's explorations which will develop further chapters in the future. This part is "the dedication": A dedication to a sense of home "as a work-in-progess" (P.E.).  A dedication to Ugandans and Ugandanness in all its multiplicity and contradictory Self that doesn’t owe anyone an explanation. It echoes the sentiments of Wole Soyinka: "A tiger does not proclaim its tigritude. It pounces." Through the visual and narrative exploration, the exhibition embodies a reclaiming of tigritude. From there, the field is open for further forays. 

Pamela Enyonu (b. 1985) is a Ugandan multimedia artist based in Kampala. Her practice probes identity, history, and gender complexities. In 2018, Enyonu received the inaugural Makumbya Musoke Art Prize. Since then, she has workshopped, exhibited and done residencies in Africa, Europe and the UK, most notably Africa 1:1 in Venice and the DKC Residency at York University (both 2023). Her work was featured in museum exhibitions such as Ca Pesaro Museum Venice (2023) where she confronted the idea of Home in and as a foreign body, for the first time. Her work was also included in shows at Makarere University Gallery, Kampala (2023), Wolfsburg Museum (2022), as well as in the exhibition Africa 2020, Marseille (2021). Enyonu’s work is part of notable public and private collections, including, Moleskine Foundation (Italy), Africa First Collection (Israel), Valmont Foundation (Switzerland), and Ca Pesaro Museum (Italy).

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